Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Last week (Mar. 31) was Easter. Our ward had an Easter egg hunt for this kids on Saturday. The kids had a great time. I had a good time too until Henry fell down in dog poop. Gross! haha I was good once we got him all cleaned up. :) Sunday the kids looked so cute in their outfits. I went a little overboard again on their gifts but they loved all their fun presents. I think my problem is I keep things that the kids need like new shoes, new clothes, etc for holidays. For now on I think I will just give them the things they need when they need them that way I don't so over do it at holiday time. Church was really nice. For sacrament meeting there was this high school choir from Madison High School in Rexburg. They were so good. It was really nice. The primary kids sang too. Katelyn didn't sing and kept coming down from the stage which was a little out of character for her. Not sure what was going on with that. Usually she's the one you can hear singing from the back of the chapel. We relaxed the rest of the day. Didn't do much else. All in all it was a great holiday weekend. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Academy of Sciences

Monday we had a fun day with an old friend from Chicago who now also lives here in the bay area. Seeing Kelly Lee was so fun and her two kids are adorable. It was so fun catching up with her. Kate and Hank had a lot of fun at the museum. Katelyn's favorite part was probably the rain forest and all the butterflies flying around really close to her. The night before (Sunday night) there was a huge windstorm. It was awful. It ended up taking out our power for 20hrs.(1am-9pm)A tree fell down and took out 2 power lines. I'm glad we were at the museum for part of the day. Anyways, Kate's little kid tent was out on our deck and I forgot all about it being out there. The next morning we realized it was out there and when we checked sure enough it had blown away. Kate was cute-while we were walking into the museum she saw a couple dandelions and made two wishes. 1-that she would have a fun time at the museum and 2-that she could find her tent. I felt so bad cause I was not very positive in thinking we were going to find that tent and Katelyn truly believes that these wishes come true. So on our way home I decided to drive around our neighborhood and see if we could see it anywhere. We drove all over and when I couldn't see it we decided to drive home. As we were about to pull into our driveway, across the street I see the tent! I couldn't believe it. It was so close to our house! It was stuck on a stick in someone's front yard. Kate was so happy and I was so happy for her. She loves that tent!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Discovery Museum

Discovery Museum April 03

Yesterday we went to the Discovery Museum.  Kids love it here.  It was a little crazy yesterday.  We went on free day and it was spring break.  A little stressful trying to keep an eye on where your two kids are going.  Henry at one point was running around and slipped and scrapped his elbow.  We went to ask someone where we could go to find a band-aid and they said to just wait there and someone will come to you.  It was so nice.  They treated him like a big deal, rushing right over.  I think Kate’s favorite part was climbing the trees. 

Later that afternoon I had to take Henry in for a hearing test.  When we were in Chicago Henry had been in speech therapy for 6 months.  So since the move we are just trying to get him back into it but we have to re-do all the evaluations and tests.  I knew that Henry didn’t have a hearing problem but they required us to do one.  So we did.  And he passed.  They said he has perfect hearing.  And on top of it they said that he was the most well behaved 2 year old they have ever had.  He did so well. 

So all in all a good day!

Good Friday 2013

So Here I am one year later. I'm trying to not feel so guilty about not blogging for an entire 365+ days. I have been motivated lately to journal and blog and while I was checking on the blog (which I haven't entered this website in months) I saw that my last post was on Good Friday. Well last week was Good Friday and so I guess this would be a pretty good time to start this whole thing up again. Here's what we did this Good Friday... We all went to the movies. Craig technically had the day off but had to go into the office in the morning to do some work. So the kids and I just met up with him around lunch time and ate and headed to the movies. We saw "The Croods" Pretty cute movie. Kids loved it. So hopefully I can keep up a little better this time around. I really wish I would have been better at documenting everything my kids have been doing this last year. They are growing up so fast and I miss them being small. So here's to a better year of journaling so that I can look back and remember all of our precious family moments.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

So we’ve had a good start to this “Good Friday”.  I thought it might be a rough day when Hank woke up about 6:15 which is totally abnormal but I got him up, changed his clothes cause he was a little wet, and then gave him some milk and he went back to bed and slept until about 8:45.   So I was able to sleep in until about 7:45.  So nice.  Then for breakfast we all had strawberry banana smoothies with spinach.  They were so yummy.  And when Hank woke up I gave him a big glass of it and he drank the whole thing.  In short this kid NEVER eats anything.  It’s such a chore at meal time getting anything down him.  So I think I will be making smoothies more often now.  He loved it! 

Then we headed off to an Easter egg hunt the park district was doing.  Hank and Kate had a lot fun (except for meeting Ronald and the Easter bunny; Hank hated that part Smile)!


Then we headed out for lunch.  I thought lets keep this good day going.  Kate didn’t have any school because of the holiday so we didn’t have to rush back for that so I thought let go to lunch.  So we went to my favorite and now Kate’s favorite, Chili’s (she likes to play the games and watch cartoons on the little kiosk thingy).  They were so good.  Better than they ever are when I take them out to restaurant.  Kate was calm and ate most of her food.  Hank sat and actually ATE food.  Shocking!  So good kids and yummy food.

2012-04-06 11.30.172012-04-06 11.25.312012-04-06 11.25.402012-04-06 11.30.06

Now we’re home and Hank is down for his nap and Kate is being good playing with all her goodies from the hunt.  Which means I get to have some time to catch up on the blog. Smile  Fantastic day so far.  I think what would top it off is having Craig walk in the door before 6. Smile  hint hint