Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Last week (Mar. 31) was Easter. Our ward had an Easter egg hunt for this kids on Saturday. The kids had a great time. I had a good time too until Henry fell down in dog poop. Gross! haha I was good once we got him all cleaned up. :) Sunday the kids looked so cute in their outfits. I went a little overboard again on their gifts but they loved all their fun presents. I think my problem is I keep things that the kids need like new shoes, new clothes, etc for holidays. For now on I think I will just give them the things they need when they need them that way I don't so over do it at holiday time. Church was really nice. For sacrament meeting there was this high school choir from Madison High School in Rexburg. They were so good. It was really nice. The primary kids sang too. Katelyn didn't sing and kept coming down from the stage which was a little out of character for her. Not sure what was going on with that. Usually she's the one you can hear singing from the back of the chapel. We relaxed the rest of the day. Didn't do much else. All in all it was a great holiday weekend. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

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